Friday, June 10, 2011

Why Liberalism Needs Watching

For many people, liberalism is a positive ideology, which only means to fight injustice and strive for equality. However, for those who watch current events, it's no secret that the liberal left is also the pro-Palestinian left. But it's a mystery as to why these groups who are also pro-feminist and pro-homosexual would support the anti-Israel repressive Hamas regime in Gaza.

For those who prefer not to be doomed to repetition of history, the following JCPA video examines the changing allegiance of those who supported Dreyfus, a Jew, when he was falsely accused of treason against France in 1894. In a lesson which parallels liberals and conservatives today, Dr. Simcha Epstein details the how those "Dreyfusard" liberals who were still alive and politically active in the 1930s tended overwhelmingly to support and join the Nazi-allied Vichy regime.

The moral of this tale is that liberals tend to be unwilling to actually fight for their principles, hiding behind pacifism to defend their appeasement mentality.

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