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Remember the Farhud

From Jewish Ideas Daily:

By Aryeh Tepper
Al-Husseini inspects SS troops (Vienna Illustrated, 1944).
The end of 2,500 years of Jewish life in Iraq began during two days in June 1941. For 30 terrifying hours, mobs of marauding Iraqi Arabs, soldiers and civilians alike, killed 137 Jews and injured thousands more, pillaged scores of homes, and destroyed more than 600 Jewish-owned businesses. The event came to be known as the Farhud, a Kurdish term for the murderous breakdown of law and order. Within ten years, almost the entire Jewish community of Iraq was gone.

Palestinian-Iraqi-Nazi Axis 1941 Pogrom

70th Anniversary of the Farhud

Click here for a 4-minute video of this tragedy perpetrated against the Jewish community of Baghdad in 1941:


This is why there are no practically no Jews left in the Middle East, except for in Israel. Jews lived in Babylon since the Destruction of the First Temple by Nebuchadnetzer. Fascist nationalist policies drove 120,000 Jews out of Iraq by 1951.

Wanna talk about refugees? Nearly 1,000,000 Jews fled Islamic countries after 1948.


Ah, the squalid hovels of the dispossessed!

Here is a snap of a lovely Palestinian home in the West Bank town of Husan. Who owns it? No one will say, but the smart money says it's someone who is closer to the international aid money trough than the average West-Banker.

Palestinians are prospering, but don't say that to anyone with anti-Israel leanings. It's too shocking! In fact Husan, which is next door to Betar, does quite well for itself. It residents benefit from the booming construction business in Betar, and work construction and other jobs there. Business in Husan is also booming.

UK Methodists Respond with Whitewash of Anti-Israel Slurs

The Jewish blogosphere has been full of condemnation of what the UK Methodist Church termed a “background document” on Israel and Palestine. This article on the official website, “Jewish and Muslim Perspectives on the Land of Israel-Palestine”, was written by Dr. Elizabeth Harris while she was Inter Faith Coordinator. Harris claims that Israel uses Yad Vashem as a propaganda tool to indoctrinate young Israelis. She opposes the alleged creation of an “Ethos of Victimhood” also among “Oriental” Jews she saw there—whose families, the author claims, were unaffected by the Holocaust. This was the worst section of an article that was full of bias and misrepresentations.
Yet, when exposed, these Methodists functionaries simply whitewashed their statements without admitting they had promoted offensive lies.
In March I wrote to the current Inter Faith Coordinator and Dr. Harris with documentary proof that Nazis persecuted and murdered non-Ashkenazi Jews in Greece, North Africa, and Iraq (during the brutal June 1941 Farhud pogrom in Baghdad). I respectfully requested that they correct or retract their document.
Neither of these things happened. Only Harris wrote back to me, saying she didn’t mean that non-Ashkenazim weren’t “welcome” at Yad Vashem—as if it were a tea party. And when I re-read the article, the racist assumptions jumped out at me—one, that she and her quoted colleague Michael Ipgrave could tell who was and who wasn’t “Oriental”, and two, that Jews are racially divided and should not concern themselves with each other’s problems. Only someone wholly unfamiliar with Jews and Israeli society could say this. (Ask any new mother how many people have given her unsolicited advice.) We are one people.
Feeling that I was hitting a brick wall, I sent the article to Rabbi Abraham Cooper at the Simon Wiesenthal Center, along with other anti-Israel material issued by the church. Rabbi Cooper published the story and condemnation of the article spread through the blogosphere.
Suddenly, once the article was exposed, I got mail. Harris claimed that she didn’t even know the article was still on the website, and that it would be removed as part of routine removal of material which was no longer current. But within a day—once it was a public embarrassment—the article link was killed. Harris also claimed that I misunderstood her “grammatically”, and that when she referred to Orientals, she meant “some” and not “all”.
In her email the current Inter Faith Coordinator, Joy Barrow claimed that the document was never official, and was only a set of personal “reflections”.
These replies constitute a total whitewash of a clearly biased article. The article absolutely reflects the position of the Methodist Church elites who promote a hard-core pro-Palestinian agenda—although many of the rank-and-file are pro-Israel. To put the official anti-Israel bias in context, representations made by Harris in her article are remarkably similar to official positions of the Church documented in their current Conference Report.
In June of 2010 the UK Methodist Church Conference formally adopted a wide-ranging and highly biased policy report titled “Justice for Palestine and Israel”. UK media maven Tom Gross commented, “Here was a group of almost stereotypically ordinary, middle-class, English Christians calmly reciting every hackneyed anti-Israeli calumny in the book.”
A committee of Methodist leaders drafted the report which, among other things, called for a boycott of Israeli goods, and adoption of Sabeel’s Kairos Palestine Document. KPD is not only a theological rejection of the Biblical linkage of the Jewish people with the land of Israel, but a rejection of the Old Testament for political purposes. KPD wholly resurrects the old anti-Semitic Christ-killing charge but with a change. As Sabeel’s founder Naim Ateek said,”Jesus is on the cross again with thousands of crucified Palestinians around Him…The Israeli government crucifixion system is operating daily”.
The conference ultimately adopted a settlement goods boycott only, but wholly accepted the committee’s anti Israel, anti-Semitic endorsement of KPD. The Report includes this quote from an activist, “When I lived in Bethlehem I understood what I had always known. Jesus was born, lived and died under Occupation and this is what it is like”. .In light of this highly biased political orientation, it is clear that Harris is entirely consistent when she engages in Holocaust trivialization and claims that Holocaust education for young Israelis is an obstacle to peace. “Peace groups have to work against this backdrop”, she states in the article.

When Harris claims in the introduction to her article that “Jews who seek justice for all - Jews and Palestinians” will reject Biblical history after Noah, she is remarkably consistent with the adopted Methodist Conference Report—after all, she was on the committee. Despite claims of the Methodist elites that the article was “unofficial”, it’s pretty hard to see how it differs much from the anti-Israel, hard-line radical policies it openly endorses and funds.

U.S. Methodists: Divide Jerusalem

The Methodists recently released a statement on Middle East Politics. Here's how they got it wrong:

"The world’s attention has been focused on the dramatic events unfolding around the Middle East in recent weeks. Across North Africa and through to the Persian Gulf, ordinary citizens have been rising up against their illegitimate leaders and demanding political freedoms.
Regimes already have fallen in Tunisia and Egypt. In other capital cities, protests and demonstrations continue. The winds of change are blowing. For millions across the Middle East, the future will be radically different from the past."

IN fact, there are numerous uprisings in process, but the results may be less freedoms, not more. In Egypt the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist parties are predicted to win the September elections. In Yemen it looks as if al Qaeda is gaining ground. A foothold in Yemen could spell disaster for the Saudi oil business and further escalation in the price of oil. Anyone' who thinks al Qaeda is adding democratic values is dead wrong.

"Unfortunately, one state’s undemocratic, militaristic rule over millions of civilians suffering under its administration looks likely to continue unchallenged. That state is Israel, and those living under its illegitimate control are the Palestinians of East Jerusalem, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip."

Actually, the Arabs with proven residency in East Jerusalem had the option to become Israeli citizens, but many opted out of Israeli democracy. West Bank Arabs enjoy an 8-12% annual economic growth rate under Fatah and buckets of foreign aid money. Gaza Arabs voted for the terrorist group Hamas. They are running their own place there. We just don't want them running guns from Iran. Israeli Arabs vote like anyone else. Palestinians in Arab countries have limited rights--which may mean no citizenship, being restricted in terms of professionsm, and having to live in refugee camps built by Arab governments in 1948. That means that they have less rights than so-called "occupation sufferers".

"The United Methodist Church opposes continued military occupation of the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem, the confiscation of Palestinian land and water resources, the destruction of Palestinian homes, the continued building of illegal Jewish settlements, and any vision of a 'Greater Israel' that includes the occupied territories and the whole of Jerusalem and its surroundings (Resolution 6073)."

Israel is not building new settlements. Israelis in the "disputed territories" would like to expand their communities within the lines of their long-term municipal boundaries. Despite the panicked terms of the Methodist statement, there is more than enough land, and settlements actually take up a very small percentage of available land--1.7%.

Home destruction is a punishment reserved for family homes of terrorists, or when terrorists have used the property as a base for terror.

Again, there is no "occupation in Gaza", only border control and occasional IDF hits on Gaza missile launchers who fire at Israeli civilians. And now that the Egyptian border Rafah crossing is open there is no call to claim they are blockaded. Regarding water, in the south overpumping of water by Arabs near the coast has led to some salinization of the aquifer. In Hebron, Arabs refused a sewage treatment plant (which Israel would have built and paid for) because if would have benefited Jewish residents of nearby Kiryat Arba.

A united Jerusalem is a Jerusalem open to all faiths--when the Jordanians held Jerusalem they destroyed numerous synagogues.

In the US the Methodists are claiming that the Arab Spring is blooming but in Israel, we are still the horrid occupying oppressors—this while Syria keeps shooting more and more demonstrators.

I agree with Glenn Beck: the Arab Spring flowers look more like a handful of weeds, and they sure smell more like dog pee. Meanwhile, the Methodists are still smelling lilac...


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Essential Reading!

If you want to understand the rancid underpinnings of the secular, liberal culture of Palestinian victimhood and Israel's "oppressor" status, read on. This is one of the best brief analyses you will find. Remember, even when Arabs fire missiles on Israeli towns, it's somehow our fault. 'Cause we live here.

From Jewish Ideas Daily, by Aryeh Tepper

In a post-religious world, where traditional means of finding absolution and redemption no longer hold sway, "the powerful and inextinguishable need of human beings to feel morally justified" looks for other outlets, many of them problematic. One such outlet, writes McClay, is the sanctimonious cult of self-empowerment through "forgiveness" and "non-judgmentalism." Another and related one is the conferral of prestige on certain designated classes of "victims"; by identifying with such victims, modern men and women can therapeutically participate in a kind of "stolen suffering," thereby affirming their own innocence and discharging their moral burden.

But a perverse logic is in motion here, and it plays itself out in corrosive ways. Since there are no victims without victimizers, a corollary of identifying oneself with the victim is the projection of one's guilt onto a "designated oppressor" who "plays the role of the scapegoat." And it is by this logic that, step by inevitable step, the cult of non-judgmentalism and the pursuit of innocence have ended up hand in glove with the tyranny of political correctness, the vicious policing of discourse and the ostracizing of designated villains that are the ugly hallmark of so much of contemporary intellectual and academic life.

Read full post here.

Do you do the UK Methodist Squelch?

Not atypical! Methodist Preacher, who goes head-to-head against his church's leftist establishment has this item below--and if you use the link from the blogroll and scroll down the blog, you'll see his recent post on the non-repudiated Methodist Nazi preacher who turned in Jews in the Channel Islands during WWII:

Another letter the Methodist Recorder refuse to publish

It seems that the Methodist Recorder now refuse to publish anything sympathetic to Israel. Three weeks have passed since I wrote to them about an anti-Semitic "factcard" from an organisation called "Christians Aware". Just for the record, if not for the Recorder, this is what I wrote:
Dear Editor,
I am disappointed that the Recorder published in a prominent position, without question, a “factcard” purporting to represent the situation in the town of Hebron (May 5, 2011).
Just one sentence betrays the casual anti-Semitic bias of the “factcard” : ‘These (the security barriers) separate the Jewish settlers (sic) and the Palestinian residents, hampering freedom of movement for the Palestinians”
It is not rocket science to work out that the security barriers also hamper the freedom of movement of Hebron’s Jews.

Why are the Jews referred to as “settlers” and the Palestinians as “residents”?

There has been a Jewish community in Hebron for at least 800 years. Unfortunately in 1929 Arab militants attacked Jewish homes and 67 Jews were murdered and many women raped. It was the courage other local Arabs which prevented the death toll being higher.

Read more here

UK Methodists: Holocaust is Israel's Propaganda Tool

Judean Eve Responses & Info

Here is one of the critiques of the UK Methodist “background document” on Israel and Palestine. The Point of no return blog combines both the Wiesenthal Center and the EoZ posts as well as adding more relevant material to expose the lies in the article which was posted on the UK Methodist website. Incidentally, while the article link was killed by the Methodists, you will find it linked here and accessible. I will be adding more material on Methodist anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism in further posts, as well as info on the WCC and Sabeel. Please be patient; there is a lot of material.

Oriental Jews ‘did not suffer in Holocaust’-Methodists

The UK Methodist Church has stooped to a new low with this document, whose ignorance is only matched by its malice. Elder of Ziyon has a good post challenging the Methodists' assumption that Sephardi Jews did not suffer in the Holocaust: (with thanks: Amie) "One of its authors chastises Yad Vashem, Jerusalem's Holocaust museum: "'Israel is the only real answer to the Holocaust' is the message ... This perspective is transmitted to young Israelis through visits to Yad Vashem organised by schools and other groups. When I visited the Centre ... I noticed that many visitors were not of European Jewish descent. As Michael Ipgrave, then Secretary of the Churches' Commission for Inter Faith Relations, wrote in his report of the visit: 'The Holocaust has come to serve as a national story embracing also Oriental Jews for whom this was not part of their family history.' (my emphasis - ed) Peace groups in Israel have to work against this backdrop." “Rabbi Abraham Cooper sets the record straight in the Huffpost: "Want peace? Decouple Israel from the Holocaust. Curiously, the Methodists' narrative goes beyond Palestinian chutzpah, whose historic revisionism ignores three millennia of continuous Jewish presence in the Holy Land, and insists that the Allies manufactured the State of Israel to provide a home for survivors of the WWII Holocaust that these Methodists now want Jews to forget.”
Read more here http://jewishrefugees.blogspot.com/2011/05/oriental-jews-did-not-suffer-in-shoah.html

With blessings,