Sunday, May 29, 2011

Do you do the UK Methodist Squelch?

Not atypical! Methodist Preacher, who goes head-to-head against his church's leftist establishment has this item below--and if you use the link from the blogroll and scroll down the blog, you'll see his recent post on the non-repudiated Methodist Nazi preacher who turned in Jews in the Channel Islands during WWII:

Another letter the Methodist Recorder refuse to publish

It seems that the Methodist Recorder now refuse to publish anything sympathetic to Israel. Three weeks have passed since I wrote to them about an anti-Semitic "factcard" from an organisation called "Christians Aware". Just for the record, if not for the Recorder, this is what I wrote:
Dear Editor,
I am disappointed that the Recorder published in a prominent position, without question, a “factcard” purporting to represent the situation in the town of Hebron (May 5, 2011).
Just one sentence betrays the casual anti-Semitic bias of the “factcard” : ‘These (the security barriers) separate the Jewish settlers (sic) and the Palestinian residents, hampering freedom of movement for the Palestinians”
It is not rocket science to work out that the security barriers also hamper the freedom of movement of Hebron’s Jews.

Why are the Jews referred to as “settlers” and the Palestinians as “residents”?

There has been a Jewish community in Hebron for at least 800 years. Unfortunately in 1929 Arab militants attacked Jewish homes and 67 Jews were murdered and many women raped. It was the courage other local Arabs which prevented the death toll being higher.

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