Thursday, December 4, 2014

Sweden: Nazi Toys on Shelves at Gekas' Ullared Branch

Toy manufacturer Cobi has a line of WW2 soldiers and vehicles.
While RT made a ruckus about the Nazi figures on Swedish store shelves, no one seems to be questioning why the toy manufacturer is producing them. While Sweden often deserves to be pointed out for hypocrisy and anti-Israel activities, media, etc., the toys are available also on Amazon.

These toys join a list of Nazi items retailers are making available. 
Here's the RT clip:

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Repeating Cycles Indicate the West Must Act

The Discomforts of Re-Reading

Serious readers re-read favorite books, both for pleasure, and also for guidance.  Jews in particular are a people rooted in re-reading.  There’s a reason to re-visit ground that’s been covered before: events also re-cycle.

Much of Jewish and general history re-revolves.  Just as early Islam was spread initially in the Middle East by aggressive desert tribesmen sweeping up others along with it, so too ISIS/ISIL/IS is expanding rapidly and getting recruits from the far corners of the map.  In its early days, Islam conquered far and wide, until finally it was stopped at the gates of Vienna in 1529.  Today, radical Islam is already deeply rooted in the West via immigration and is exporting fighters from Europe back to its natal Middle East. In a reverse flow, jihad has already returned to Europe, with fatal results

While the Europeans seem to have progressed little beyond hand-wringing, these days Egypt, Jordan, and even the Saudis are on the phone with Bibi Netanyahu, wondering what to do about ISIS.  Middle Eastern regimes rightly fear the ISIS horde of rampaging, raping and beheading Islamist terrorists—which strikingly resembles early Islamic expansion.  A chant popular among Islamic terrorists and activists, “Khaybar, Khaybar, ya Yahud”, nostalgically recalls the annihilation of the Jewish community in the Saudi peninsula in Islam’s early days.
Saudi King Abdullah said regarding Iran, we must cut off the head of the (nuclear) snake.  Today the problem for Western civilization, including Israel, is that there are also numerous small independent “snakes” operating off the radar. The threat of scattered, loose cannons is too scary, and therefore many Western regimes  dismiss them as as minor actors.

Among the small snake deniers is the U.K., which was shocked last week to find out that journalist James Foley was beheaded by an ISIS recruit from pricey Maida Vale.  Home-grown small and not-so-small snakes from the U.K. include such “luminaries” as the Underwear Bomber, the Shoe Bomber, the Tel Aviv Mike’s Place Bombers, the Kill-a-British-Soldier-in-the Streets Knife Wielders, and of course the London Transport Big Ka-Boomers.  Why were U.K. leaders so flabbergasted by the rapper/beheader’s radicalism?

Also outside of the U.K. there are too many people perennially obsessed with big snake management, including the myth that all Islamic states have one head.  President Obama and the U.S. State Department are still focused on “Israel as the problem”.  The logic goes that if only Israel would make peace with the Palestinians, there would be “Peace in the Middle East”.  The horrific persecution of the Yazidis, as one example, proves that this is not the case. 
This week I re-read the excellent Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro.  Spoiler alert on the big moral of the story: it’s about “well-intentioned” aristocratic British anti-Semites trying to appease the Nazis.  Ishiguro based his Lord Darlington character on Lord Londonderry, who entertained Nazi ambassador Joachim von Ribbentrop, and visited Germany several times, meeting with Hitler and his top brass in the late 1930s. The U.K.’s appeasement policy ultimately resulted in the fall of Czechoslovakia and the invasion of Poland. 

Yet prominent policymakers today in the U.K., instead of learning from history, are pretending that all the snakes can be charmed, despite ongoing and accelerating evidence to the contrary. In fact, the Brits are snake-charming themselves into complacency and acceptance of a worsening of their home front—and it is indeed a front.  Police in Rotherham failed to prosecute the raping and trafficking of 1,400 local, non-Muslim young girls.  Officials admitted that since the perpetrators were members of the city’s Pakistani community, prosecution could amount to “racism”.  

Let’s admit that racism on the part of the Muslim perpetrators allowed them to abuse non-Muslim girls. Let’s fight the idea that in the interest of “fairness” Muslims may not be deemed culpable or responsible for their actions.  Racist liberal “superiors” rationalizing and justifying Islamist criminal actions, no matter how reprehensible, result in more of the same brutality.  With that kind of thinking, only when an Islamist outgrows his breeches and joins up with ISIS to kill a member of the privileged press class, is that inexcusable. 
But as I hope you have noticed, gentle reader, it’s not about snakes or how large or small they are, it’s about radical Islam.  It’s not about the means, it’s about the ideology that drives actions.  No matter how “gentlemanly” Ribbentrop was or how badly Germany was treated after World War I, Nazism was pure evil, and so is Islamist ideology, no matter who is doing the killing, raping, or other inhumane acts. 

At this point in our recycled history, those at the point of the sword know that they must act out of self-preservation.  Those in Europe, America and elsewhere, must choose soon, before complacency becomes complicity, and dithering causes a fait accompli.  For the girls of Rotherham, it’s too late, but there is still time for the West to act against the evil ideology that drives mass murder and terror .

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Grim Coptic Realities

The WCC and its local members whine about the alleged tribulations of the Middle East's only growing Christian population--here in Israel.

Have a look at the testimony of a Coptic Christian regarding the horrendous persecution of Egypt's Coptic minority. Church-burnings, torture, kidnap, and rape are often the fate of this beleaguered native minority. Christians pre-dated Muslims in Egypt by nearly a thousand years, and now are fleeing small towns to live as zabaleen in Cairo's garbage dump district. The smell is bad, but this ghetto is safer for Christians as Muslim persecution grows.

The situation  has only worsened since the downfall of the Mubarak regime.

The video is here, and transcript excerpts are available here.

Christian Hypocrisy in Two Acts

This from Elwood McQuaid via the excellent Tundra Tabloids blog:

"Lutherans from the United States, Catholics and Protestants from Bethlehem and Nazareth, Orthodox Christians from Greece and Russia, lecturers from Lebanon, and Copts from Egypt gathered at a conference recently to declare the Jewish state 'a sin' and occupying power that dehumanizes Palestinians; they called for resistance (jihad) as “a Christian duty."

But wait! Don't these Christian "humanitarians" look suspiciously like this next group? Have a look at this nice ecumenical posting on the AJC website:

"In Jerusalem and the Galilee the AJC leaders from across the United States met with the leading patriarchs, bishops and clergy of the various Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant communities that minister to the approximately 200,000 Christians living in Israel and the Palestinian Authority. The group met with the leadership of the Latin and Greek Orthodox Patriarchates; the Melkhite, Lutheran and Anglican churches; as well as with the Papal Nuncio to Israel and Apostolic Delegate in the Holy Land." 

Remember the Syrian-based Melkites? Their former bishop of Caesaria, Hilarion Capucci, was arrested in 1974 for smuggling arms to the Palestinians, and last year he was a passenger on the Gaza Flotilla's Mavi Marmara. Regarding the arms-smuggling conviction, the Melkite Church condemned his arrest, comparing Capucci's activities to those of anti-Nazi resistance fighters.Sounds like malicious Israel-bashing to me...

But, in a startling display of naivete, an AJC official states:

"AJC’s interreligious activity brings us into regular contact with American Christian friends of Israel genuinely concerned about the situation of their co-religionists in the Holy Land, Rabbi Noam Marans, AJC’s director of Interreligious and Intergroup Relations [stated]...'The region’s Christians are symbolically important to Christians everywhere.  As Jews, it is both a strategic interest and a moral imperative that motivates us to build and maintain good relations with Israel’s diverse and vibrant Christian communities.'”

Marans has succesfully conflated the Christian Zionist real friends of Israel, with those WCC affiliates who regularly engage in demonization against both Israel and Christian Zionists. You also can't help but notice that the AJC had no salient quotes to print from the Christian group.

This is yet another case similar to that of the Israeli Rabbinate's totally meaningless 2006 Joint Declaration signed with the Church of England. Why are these groups so in love with interfaith rhetoric, while studiously ignoring the inflammatory statements made by Christian anti-Semites? Could it have something to do with the professional interfaith diplomat, Rabbi David Rosen, who has positions with both AJC and the Rabbinate?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

UK Methodist 2011 Conference--Better, But...

Southport Synagogue:
Methodist delegates attended Model Seder

Methodist Preacher gives a very good overview of this year's UK Methodist Conference conference and the very well-attended "fringe event" which was held at a local synagogue. Moderates worked hard with the UK Jewish community to mend fences.

The radicals who shoved the nearly the whole Sabeel agenda into Methodist legitimacy last year were marginalized this year, but the pro-suicide bombing speaker still spoke at another fringe event. Furthermore, the anti-Israel, Palestinian-crucifying accusations still stand on record.

Read more at this link.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Interfaith Sudoku

Just a few meanderings on the Rabbinate and the Church of England topic…
I noticed that Rabbi David Rosen seems to have been hard at work in the Interfaith Business, and yet not serving his clients’ best interests, the clients being the Israeli Rabbinate, where he serves as a consultant.
I also noticed, as I wrote in the previous post on this topic, that Rosen is an International Committee Advisor at the Parliament of World's Religions as is Archbishop Desmond Tutu, one of the icons of the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa. Tutu falsely claims that Israel is an apartheid state, and backs up the false assertions in the 2009 Kairos Palestine Document which was promulgated by anti-Israel Anglican canon Naim Ateek and other similarly hostile Palestinian Christian clerics.
So, if we look at this as we would a Sudoku puzzle, and try to figure out what game Rosen is playing, we can find pairs of options as to how the facts fit.  Either the committee Rosen sits on is merely window-dressing, with few or no actual meetings, or Rosen does have contact with Tutu. If Rosen has contact with the Anglican bishop but has absolutely no influence to persuade Tutu of the fact—obvious to almost anyone who has been to Israel—that there is no apartheid here, then is a poor advocate.
One-staters like Ateek and his Sabeel Institute funders and far-left sympathizers do claim there is apartheid. Why? Because they want there to be one state with millions of returned “refugees” inside pre-1967 borders, and no Jews allowed in the West Bank and the Old City of Jerusalem. So, from a one-state perspective, and disregarding Arab Israeli citizens with full democratic rights, there is one law for Israelis, and others for Palestinians ruled by the Palestinian Authority, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and Hamas. In this upside-down view, letting the non-democratic PA run everything and throwing out all the Jews over the Green Line for a start (ethnic cleansing) would constitute non-apartheid. Get it?
This opens another option—if Rosen isn’t a poor advocate, then maybe he is an advocate of the same policies held by Israel’s delegitimizers.  In which case, he has no business doing business with Israeli government clients.

Actual Humanitarian Aid

Elder of Zion has this video showing how needy Palestinian children receive life-saving free heart surgery in Israel...and a trip to the zoo!