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UK Methodists: Holocaust is Israel's Propaganda Tool

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Here is one of the critiques of the UK Methodist “background document” on Israel and Palestine. The Point of no return blog combines both the Wiesenthal Center and the EoZ posts as well as adding more relevant material to expose the lies in the article which was posted on the UK Methodist website. Incidentally, while the article link was killed by the Methodists, you will find it linked here and accessible. I will be adding more material on Methodist anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism in further posts, as well as info on the WCC and Sabeel. Please be patient; there is a lot of material.

Oriental Jews ‘did not suffer in Holocaust’-Methodists

The UK Methodist Church has stooped to a new low with this document, whose ignorance is only matched by its malice. Elder of Ziyon has a good post challenging the Methodists' assumption that Sephardi Jews did not suffer in the Holocaust: (with thanks: Amie) "One of its authors chastises Yad Vashem, Jerusalem's Holocaust museum: "'Israel is the only real answer to the Holocaust' is the message ... This perspective is transmitted to young Israelis through visits to Yad Vashem organised by schools and other groups. When I visited the Centre ... I noticed that many visitors were not of European Jewish descent. As Michael Ipgrave, then Secretary of the Churches' Commission for Inter Faith Relations, wrote in his report of the visit: 'The Holocaust has come to serve as a national story embracing also Oriental Jews for whom this was not part of their family history.' (my emphasis - ed) Peace groups in Israel have to work against this backdrop." “Rabbi Abraham Cooper sets the record straight in the Huffpost: "Want peace? Decouple Israel from the Holocaust. Curiously, the Methodists' narrative goes beyond Palestinian chutzpah, whose historic revisionism ignores three millennia of continuous Jewish presence in the Holy Land, and insists that the Allies manufactured the State of Israel to provide a home for survivors of the WWII Holocaust that these Methodists now want Jews to forget.”
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  1. "Wally" wrote regarding supercessionist theology, in which the "old Testament" is rejected as being too Jewish or, currently,"too Zionist":
    This is an ancient heresy called Marcionism, see Marcion
    Recently Albert Mohler president of the USA Southern Baptist Convention, the largest protestant body in the USA spoke out against this, saying it has infested many or most churches.
    Marcion was an antisemite living about 1700 years ago and sought to "purify" the TaNaKH as well as the New Testament from anything Jewish.
    Which would be funny if it weren't so tragic, as you cannot read a single word in either without referring mentally to the whole corpus of written and oral torah, midrashim gemara the whole works....